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REF879 Indian Compendium

Large Chess & backgammon compendium , the folding board box in the form of a book, the front moulded & engraved to represent the spine of two leather bound books. The exterior chess board squares inlaid in ivory & horn. The board box engraved and highlighted in lac work.

The board box opening to reveal an inlaid backgammon board to the interior. Fitted with three ivory boxes highlighted with the same lac work decoration as the board box.

The boxes containing a large ivory & horn playing set , ivory & horn dice shakers, 30 Ivory & horn backgammon counters.

A fine example and all pieces being original to the compendium in excellent condition. The board box still with working lock & key and two working keys for the interior boxes.

Kings 13.5cm Tall

Board box open 51cm x 47cm

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