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REF1032 Indian “Rearing knights”
Circa 1840-60

Fine turned & carved ivory set, one side stained red other side left natural. The pieces intricately & ornately carved, kings & queens with floral knops and pierced galleries, bishops with pierced miters, knights as fine carved horses heads, rooks as designed towers mounted by soldiers holding flags.

The design of set has some rare differences in carving compared to most sets of this type, the knights instead of just horses heads have the front legs carved, to give the impression of a rearing horse, the rooks also less common having soldiers holding the flags.

This set originates from the master craftsmen of vizgapatam a port which is located in the north of the Coromandel Coast in India. Vizagapatam developed from the late 17th century a cabinet making industry which drew artisans from the Kasmali caste who used their ancient skills of ivory carving and inlay to western furniture forms. The industry blossomed through the 18th century and remained one of the major exporters of fine work through to the early 20th century.

Kings 11cm Tall

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