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REF3251 Charlamagne Figural chessmen & board box.
Circa 1850 - 1870

Fine carved chessmen, one side boxwood other side palisander/ rosewood, both sides representing King Charlamagne and court, rooks as fine pierced gothic towers, knights as sitting horses, bishops as courtiers , pawns as individual men carrying staffs and wearing tricorn hats.

These sets were originally thought to have been South German , more recent research has the origin of these sets from the carvers of Brieze in Switzerland.

Pieces retain  excellent original polished finish and patination.

Kings 13 CM Tall    Rooks 14.5 CM Tall

Tric Trac board closed Widths 45 CM Height 16 CM Squares 5.2 CM

For similar design set see.

The DR Jean-Claude collection.

Michael Mark, Chessmen Practical and Ornamental, Asprey and CCI, May 1986, fig. 25, and Phillips, London, 26 May 1992, lot 77.

The Chessmen shown with a South German Tric Trac board dateing late 18th early 19th century. Walnut with various inlaid fruitwoods. Exterior with inlaid chessboard , the reverse with inlaid nine men morris board. The interior inlaid for backgammon.

These are genuine antiques! Great to play and a good investment.

All the sets go through a professional workshop before they go online, any minor faults such as chips or splits are restored, therefore the sets are all in excellent condition.

All sets come with certification insurance valuation . Certifies age , material origin and loss / replacement value.
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