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REF3284 Jaques Staunton Tournament Chessmen
Circa 1865 - 1870

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English ebony & boxwood weighted Staunton pattern chessmen by Jaques of London. White king stamped “JAQUES LONDON” , king side rooks & knights with crown stamps. Pieces with loaded & felted bases. Set retains original French polished finish.

Chessmen come in original mahogany lift top box with paper trade label to underside of lid.

This set is the tournament size set.

Kings 9 CM Tall

Set retains original French polished finish.

These historic Jaques sets all come with signed authors copy of the Jaques collectors guide and insurance valuation.

The design of this set is known in the modern codex as the “Steinitz” . The practice of adding historic chess champions names to styles of Jaques chessmen is a modern practice which Jaques never used historically , although it is a great system to easily help identify specific Jaques Staunton Chessmen.

These are genuine antiques! Great to play and a good investment.

All the sets go through a professional workshop before they go online, any minor faults such as chips or splits are restored, therefore the sets are all in excellent condition.
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